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5 x 5

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$0.2 to $100

About this game

Gluttony (Nolimit City): GAME Review & Theme

Set in the heart of a dimly lit and intimate restaurant, Gluttony at BC.GAME immerses you into a world where indulgence takes center stage. Blue and red lighting intertwine, casting an otherworldly hue and creating an atmosphere that's both seductive and mysterious. Rich purple armchairs, with their velvety, inviting, and comforting texture, offer a plush sanctuary amidst this chaotic delight. The tables and floor are a testament to the eponymous sin, an unorganized smorgasbord of gastronomical delights strewn with wild abandon.

Meanwhile, the dynamic soundtrack takes the gaming ambiance to new heights. In the base game, a soft jazz piano melody drifts through the room, adding an undercurrent of calm relaxation that is paradoxically soothing amidst the frenzied visuals. However, once the free spins are triggered, the soundscape shifts dramatically. The smooth jazz recedes, replaced by the grandeur of a full-blown orchestra. Resounding baritone vocals echo, filling the restaurant with a palpable intensity that is equally thrilling and daunting. In Gluttony, the sensory experience is just as important as the potential winnings, offering a gaming journey that's a treat for both the eyes and ears.

About Gluttony at BC.GAME

Gluttony from Nolimit City is a high-volatility online casino slot, an exciting choice for thrill-seeking gamers who appreciate less frequent but potentially bigger payouts. It boasts a symmetrical 5 x 5 reel layout with 3,125 paylines that offers ample opportunities for players to score winning combinations, including the elusive maximum prize of 32,000x.

As for its Return to Player (RTP) figure, Gluttony holds a solid 96.09% rate. While this RTP may be considered average when compared to other titles in the iGaming industry, it is nonetheless a fair offering. Coupled with a 25.27% hit rate, which adds a significant layer of engagement to the game experience by turning every fourth spin into a winning one, the game reinforces a rewarding rhythm that keeps players engaged for longer.

Pay Table and Bet Size

Gluttony at BC.GAME features an impressive betting range, starting as low as $0.2 for those looking for a budget-friendly gaming experience and going all the way up to $100 for high rollers seeking a more thrilling wager.

Its pay table begins with the low-paying symbols: a food bowl, salmon sashimi, sushi, salad, and a cake, with a payout value ranging from 0.1x for three identical symbols to 1.2x for five. Further down the list are medium-paying symbols: a pint of beer, an ice cream, and mac and cheese, with a 2x, 3x, and 4x bet multiplier for five matches. And finally, a burger and a pizza are high-paying symbols that give you a 6x and 10x reward for five identical symbols, respectively.

Features of Gluttony (Nolimit City)

Cascading Reels

Cascading reels come into action upon forming a winning combination, causing the winning symbols to disappear. The symbols left behind then drop down to fill the empty spots, while new symbols fall from the top. This chain reaction persists as long as new wins are made, granting multiple chances to enhance your winnings.


Two variations of scatter symbols exist: silver and golden bell scatters. The silver type appears only on the second, third, and fourth reels, while the golden type can only be found on the third reel, limited to a maximum of one per spin.

Symbol Upgrades and Respins

Each main food symbol comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large food portions, and a golden bell scatter symbol is required for each upgrade. By default, the game begins with small-portion food symbols, and a golden scatter symbol upgrades them to medium-portion symbols by activating the Double Up! feature. For the large-portion or the Quadruple Up! feature to be triggered, another golden bell symbol is needed on the following spin or second spin.

The Double Up! and Quadruple Up! features are only activated for two consecutive respins. If no golden bell scatter symbol is achieved during Double Up! respins, the food symbols will return to their smaller portion sizes once the respins conclude. The identical outcome will occur when the Quadruple Up! feature concludes.

These features also increase symbol payouts to 2x and 4x their standard value, respectively. Therefore, if the burger symbol pays 6x for five symbols, the large portion or Quadruple Up! version will pay 24x.

Double Up! and Quadruple Up! Free Spins

Double Up! and Quadruple Up! features can be activated alternatively by landing one golden and two silver scatters or two golden and one silver scatter, which will trigger 10 Double Up! free spins or 12 Quadruple Up! free spins, respectively.

Order Up! Free Spins

The Order Up! free spins are activated by landing three silver scatters, giving you eight free spins. If you land a golden bell scatter during these free spins, the Double Up! feature will be activated along with two additional free spins. Landing another golden bell scatter or two from the start will activate the Quadruple Up! feature. On the other hand, if three golden scatter symbols accumulate during the Order Up! free spins round, the Fedcon 1 free spins round will be initiated.

Fedcon 1 Free Spins

The Fedcon 1 free spins round can be triggered in three ways. You can land three golden scatters in one spin; during the Order Up! free spins round; or accumulate three during the Double Up! and Quadruple Up! respins. Regardless of the method, the Fedcon 1 round starts with six free spins.

The Fedcon 1 free spins round features a unique reel layout where the protagonist, dubbed Fat Bastard by Nolimit City, is in the center. There are four single-symbol reels near him and four three-symbol reels on the outer parts of the gaming area. The symbols on the screen move in a circular counterclockwise motion starting from the top right corner and ending with the Fat Bastard in the center. Each outer reel has its own multiplier, starting at 1x. Golden bell scatters during Fedcon 1 land only on these reels, and each landing increases the outer reel's multiplier by 2x.

Fat Bastard has five levels, each adding a 1x multiplier. This means that at level five, he will multiply each winning combination by 5x. Each level also gives two free spins and a single respin, providing more chances to land winning combinations. Upgrades to Fat Bastard's levels are achieved by creating winning combinations of 20, 30, 40, and 50 symbols, respectively. Low-paying symbols count as a single symbol in a combination, while medium-, high-paying, and wild symbols count as two.


The ketchup pack acts as a multiplier symbol, and whenever it lands, it applies a 1x multiplier to the symbols adjacent to it, whether vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Ketchup pack multiplier symbols can appear in the same row but never on the same reel. Moreover, during the Fedcon 1 free spins round, multiplier symbols can only land on the inner reels.

Wilds and Sticky Symbols

There are two types of wild symbols: standard and special. The standard wild, designed as a roasted chicken, can substitute for all symbols except scatter and multiplier symbols and can land on all reels. The special wild, called Wild Pot and depicted as a copper pot, serves the same function.

However, the special wild symbol can only land on reels two, three, four, and five. If it forms part of a winning combination, it begins to collect all adjacent main food symbols, increasing its own multiplier by 1x for each low-paying symbol and 2x for each medium-paying, high-paying, or wild symbol. After collecting even one symbol, the special wild becomes sticky for a single cascade, offering a chance to collect more symbols. If no more symbols are available for collection, it is removed in the next spin or cascade, just like any other symbol.

During the Fedcon 1 free spins round, the special wild only lands on the inner reels and collects food symbols from an adjacent outer reel, preventing them from contributing to Fat Bastard's progression and adding a strategic element while still allowing players to win big.

Feature Buy-in

You can directly access the Order Up! or Fedcon 1 free spin rounds by paying a feature buy-in fee of 100x or 1,000x, respectively. Moreover, for a 300x fee, you can randomly trigger Fedcon 1, Quadruple Up!, Double Up!, or Order Up! free spins, with probabilities of 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40%, respectively.


Gluttony from Nolimit City provides an unmatched gaming experience that effortlessly entwines high-end graphics, engaging gameplay, and generous rewards. Loaded with distinctive features, the title goes beyond conventional gameplay, presenting an impressive array of ways to multiply symbol rewards, four diverse types of free spins, and a wholly distinctive, compelling style of play. With every spin, players dive into an immersive realm of gaming, where each feature carries its own unique charm and potential reward.

Nolimit City has undoubtedly raised the bar for the iGaming industry with Gluttony at BC.GAME. Renowned for their innovative and unique game design, the developers have once again surpassed expectations, crafting a slot that not only stands out among the crowd but also calls for repeated play. Gluttony's unparalleled design and reward system make it a truly extraordinary title, constantly beckoning players for another spin. It's a masterpiece of casino slot games that serves as a benchmark for interactive and rewarding gaming experiences.

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