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Reel Resign

5 x 3

Lucky Spin


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Stakes Range

$0.1 to $50

About this game

About Tombstone at BC.GAME

Tombstone from Nolimit City is a video slot game where you will search for outlaws throughout the whole Wild West. From the start, it may appear as a simplistic project. However, it has a lot to offer to you as a player at BC.GAME and we will discuss all of its features down below. The title has a bold, unconventional, and mature artwork that beautifully showcases the allure of the American Frontier. Additionally, the soundtrack does a perfect job of creating the gunslinger duel atmosphere while using musical instruments like a harmonica, guitar, and rattles.  

Introduction to Tombstone at BC.GAME

Tombstone has a unique-looking reel design. It has, essentially, a 5 x 3 layout. Nonetheless, you get 13 slots instead of 15. This is because reels one and five have a minimized structure of only two slots. So, the layout, in reality, looks like 1 x 2 + 2 x 3 + 1 x 2. The gaming area looks like a huge window of a wooden establishment, and you can see a lizard crawling on its white pillars from time to time. The background is the typical American desert, and you can even see a tumbleweed rolling from the right side of the screen to the left.

Basic Symbols

There are nine Basic symbols, including J, Q, K, A, a Revolver, Horseshoes, a Money Bag, Gold Bars, and Dynamite. To win, you must land at least three identical symbols in a certain way. In other words, they must be adjacent to each other and form a line or a zig-zag consisting of three, four, or five symbols. To showcase the winning combination, each symbol that became part of it gets shot by one bullet and starts spinning uncontrollably for some time.

Nolimit City has added a very interactive feature that allows you to shoot six times with a revolver. The bullets create glass holes as if you shot the computer screen. After you emptied your cylinder, you are still allowed to pull the trigger, but all you would hear are the metallic click sounds, showcasing the lack of bullets. Only when you make a spin the revolver’s cylinder will be reloaded.  

Symbol payout value

J, Q, K, and A:
3 - 0.2x; 4 - 0.5x; 5 - 2x.
Revolver and Horseshoes:
3 - 0.3x; 4 - 0.7x; 5 - 3x.
Money Bag and Gold Bars:
3 - 0.4x; 4 - 0.8x; 5 - 4x.
3 - 0.5x; 4 - 1x; 5 - 6x.

Outlaw Wilds

An Outlaw Wild symbol is designed as a bounty hunter poster, and there are three types of it. Each Outlaw Wild depicts one of three criminals whom you must bring to the sheriff and marshal, dead or alive. They include a horse thief named Skinny Joe with a cowboy hat and a long mustache, a woman bank robber Edda Star with blonde hair, and, lastly, a notorious big-looking bandit El Gordo with a cigar in his mouth. The Outlaw Wild symbol takes up three slot spaces and, therefore, lands only on reels two, three, and four.

An interesting additional detail we would like to mention is that they can land as a 1 x 1, 1 x 2, or a full 1 x 3 symbol, then slide upwards or downwards, depending on if they hit at the top or at the bottom of the row. The movement of the Outlaw Wild symbol is a three-step process. First, it lands, for example, at the top as a 1 x 1 symbol, then slides downwards once and becomes a 1 x 2 symbol, and then slides once more, fully revealing itself, filling up three slot spaces. When landed, it rewards you with a 1x bet multiplier, and for each slide, it gives another 1x multiplier, totaling 3x in the end. However, if you get a 1 x 3 one straight away, the multiplier will be only 2x.

The Outlaw Wild can replace any other symbol except Scatter and Badge. When a winning combination hits, the Outlaw Wild symbol will get shot with four, five, or six bullets, and thus holes would appear at random parts of the poster.

Badge Symbols and Justice Spins

Tombstone has two Badge symbols which, technically, are Bonus ones. Both of them look like a gold five-pointed star. However, one has a brown border, and the other has a blue one. The first is the sheriff’s badge, which lands only on reel one, and the second is the marshal’s, which lands only on reel five. When you get both of them, you are rewarded with three Justice Spins or, in other words, with a Bonus game. During it, Outlaw Wilds become sticky - they do not disappear after a new spin. As a matter of fact, they get imprisoned because, after landing, you will see metal bars, a padlock, and a word Jail written on top of the symbol.

Scatters and Gunslinger Spins

A Scatter symbol is designed as a trio of dollar signs, and getting three will reward you with 10 Gunslinger Spins, which are, basically, Free Spins. In a Free Spin round, Outlaw Wild multipliers will stick for the whole duration of the game. For example, if you landed one Outlaw WIld in a Free Spin round and got a 3x multiplier, on the next spin, the symbol will disappear while the multiplier will stay in place, meaning, afterward, any winning combination is multiplied by 3x. Landing another Outlaw Wild with, for example, a 3x multiplier will result in its summation with the previous one - 3x + 3x = 6x. Getting one or two Scatters during the Free Spin round will reward you with an additional one or three Free Spins, respectively.

Bounty Spins

Bounty Spins have a combination of the features from the Gunslinger Spin and Justice Spin. The only difference is that you must land one sheriff and one marshal badge in addition to the three Scatters, resulting in 12 Bounty Spins.

Strategy for Tombstone

Tombstone from Nolimit City is a very high-volatility video slot, meaning you will hit winning combinations very rarely, but when you do, the payouts are going to be big. And this is true when considering the fact that the game has a whopping 11,456x maximum possible payout. Therefore, we would advise you to keep your bets on the lower side. Furthermore, you have to focus on getting two badges and three Scatters to enter the Bounty Spins round, which pays much more than any other bonus game in the title. Being rewarded with Justice or Gunslinger Spins is also amazing. However, in the end, the payouts are going to be much higher in the first feature mentioned above.  


The Western genre is not only popular in Hollywood but also iGaming industry. No wonder Nolimit City chose it as the basis of the video slot Tombstone. Adding extra possibilities for you as a player at BC.GAME to interact with the title, like the ability to shoot the reels with six bullets from a revolver, increases the engagement even more. We also cannot forget about the beautiful Wild sliding feature, a creative incorporation of the bounty hunter posters, and two Bonus minigames. All in all, Tombstone at BC.GAME is the perfect entertainment solution for you.  

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