True Grit Redemption

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Reel Resign

6 x 4

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Stakes Range

$0.2 to $100

About this game

About True Grit Redemption at BC.GAME

True Grit Redemption is yet another Western-style video slot game from Nolimit City. The provider is quite famous for its go-to theme, which is absolutely understandable because it is epic. Nolimit City has jam-packed True Grit Redemption with its innovative features, like xNudge, xWays, and xWilds, in addition to the familiar ones like Free Spins, Scatters, and Wilds.

Introduction to True Grit Redemption at BC.GAME

True Grit Redemption from Nolimit City was inspired by a critically-acclaimed film True Grit, where a 14-year-old farm girl tries to seek the murderer of her father and recruits a United States marshal to assist her. However, in a video slot, the storyline is a little different. That poor girl is captured by criminals, tied down to a tree, and left to be eaten by wolves in the forest.
The design of True Grit Redemption at BC.GAME perfectly captures the atmosphere depicted in the plot. Banjo, guitar, and cello playing backstage give you the Wild West feel, while sound effects of horse neighs, owl hoots, and wolf howls add more to the realism.

Reel Layout

Like all Nolimit City slots, the reel layouts are always unique-looking, and True Grit Redemption at BC.GAME is no exception. The gaming area is a carriage with wooden boxes left in the snowy woods at night, and it is split into the top, main, and bottom reels.
Top Reel

The top reel consists of three slots at reels two, three, and four and acts basically as the 5th row. Only Character symbols and Wilds may appear here.  
Main Reel

The main reel is 6 x 3 with two additional slots on row four. Basic symbols, Characters, Grit Girls, Wilds, and Scatters can land here. However, 6 out of 20 available slots are locked on reel four - row three, reel five - rows two and three, and reel six - rows one, two, and three, leaving you with a 14-slot gaming area.      
Bottom Reel

The bottom reel is the continuation of the main reel’s row four and consists of four slots. The rightmost slot, or the one in the bottom right corner, is reserved for a Sticky Wild Multiplier symbol, while the rest are for Character and Special ones, like xNudge Wild, Transform ‘em, Reel Split, xWays, and Infectious xWays.
Basic Symbols

There are five Basic and five Character symbols: 10, J, Q, K, A, One Eye Thug, Sheriff, Marksman, Madam, and the Boss. To win, you must land at least three identical symbols adjacent to each other, starting with the leftmost reel. Note that there should be no gap reel between the symbols.  

Symbol Payout Values
3 - 0.05x; 4 - 0.1x; 5 - 0.15x; 6 - 0.2x
3 - 0.1x; 4 - 0.15x; 5 - 0.25x; 6 - 0.3x
3 - 0.15x; 4 - 0.2x; 5 - 0.3x; 6 - 0.45x
3 - 0.2x; 4 - 0.3x; 5 - 0.45x; 6 - 0.6x
3 - 0.25x; 4 - 0.35x; 5 - 0.55x; 6 - 0.75x
One Eye Thug:
3 - 0.3x; 4 - 0.4x; 5 - 0.6x; 6 - 0.85x
3 - 0.35x; 4 - 0.5x; 5 - 0.7x; 6 - 0.95x
3 - 0.4x; 4 - 0.55x; 5 - 0.85x; 6 - 1.1x
3 - 0.45x; 4 - 0.65x; 5 - 1x; 6 - 1.35x
3 - 0.5x; 4 - 0.75x; 5 - 1.25x; 6 - 1.75x

Cascading Reels
Cascading reels, also known as Avalanche, Refilling, Falling, or Rolling Reels, is an absolutely satisfying features. It allows the symbols to explode and vanish, after which the rest of the symbols fall to the bottom, and new ones fall from the top, filling out the empty slots. The beautiful part about True Grit Redemption is that symbols get shot with two revolvers in a winning combination.
Wilds, Sticky Wild Multiplier, Wild Transform, and xNudge Wild

A Wild symbol is designed as a red-brown box with a yellow letter W and lands anywhere on the reels. It can replace any symbol except for Scatter and Special ones.

The Sticky Wild Multiplier is located at the bottom right corner and only unlocked during the Dead Spins round. With each Avalanche, its value increases by +1. For example, if you had three winning combinations in one spin, the Sticky Wild Multiplier’s value will turn to 4x.

If a symbol on the top reel is identical to the one or ones underneath it, all of them will transform into Wilds. The look of these Wilds is like they were branded by a letter W heat stamp.
xNudge Wilds appear only on the bottom reel and expand straight away to the top of the main reel. They have a base multiplier of 1x, and each slot expansion adds +1 to its value. When Wilds are present on the main reel, they will also add +1 to the value of xNudge Wild, which can go up to a maximum of 7x. If xNudge Wilds do not become a part of a winning combination, they will shrink back down to the bottom reel and expand once more on the next Avalanche. If no more combinations are left, with the next spin, they will disappear as the other symbols.

xWays & Infectious xWays

xWays are designed as a golden square and can land only on the main and bottom reels. Their function is to transform into either a combination of 2-3 Basic symbols or 2-3 Character ones.

Metal boxes with gold powder or Infectious xWays hit only on the bottom reel. They work almost exactly the same as normal xWays. However, Infectious xWays can convert only into two symbols; additionally, any identical symbol will also split into two. For example, the Infectious xWays symbol turned into two Boss Character symbols. If there is at least one Boss on the main reel, it will also split into two.

Reel Split

Reel Split is a ruthless and gory animated symbol. When it lands, a man’s scalp gets cut, and the savage criminal lifts it by his hair that is still attached to it. It lands only on the bottom reel and splits any above symbol into two. Note that one symbol may be split a maximum of two times. The Reel Split symbol does not divide the Grit Girl symbol but doubles its multiplier value.
Transform ‘Em’

There are two kinds of Transform ‘em symbols - a golden ore on gray wood planks and an anonymous Character on a golden background.

The first one will become a random Basic symbol and transform all others on the main and bottom reels - 10, J, Q, K, A, into itself and then disappear, letting a new symbol appear in its place. To put it simply, imagine that Transform ‘em with golden ore turned into A. If there are Basic symbols anywhere except the top reel, they all will turn into A.

The second one has the same function, but rather than becoming a Basic symbol, it becomes a Character symbol and turns any other Character symbol on the main and bottom reels into itself.

Grit Girl

A Grit Girl is essentially a Bonus symbol and is designed as a painting of a girl. It lands only on the main reel on reels one, two, three, and four. If you get three or four, your total bet will be multiplied by 25x or 500x. Moreover, Grit Girl has an additional multiplier, which is equal to the value of the Sticky Wild Multiplier. So, for example, if the Sticky Wild Multiplier’s value is 10x and you landed four Grit Girl bonus symbols, then your total bet will be multiplied by 5,000x.  


A Scatter symbol is depicted as a sheriff’s badge and lands only on reels one, two, three, and four. Getting one, two, three, or four Scatters during one spin will unlock four, three, two, and one position in the main and bottom reels.

Torture Spins

True Grit Redemption rewards you with 8+ Torture Spins when you get three Scatters. If the Reel Split symbol splits them, you are granted one extra Torture Spin for each part. However, the Scatter and Reel Split symbols must land simultaneously during a spin or an Avalanche. Otherwise, Scatters will not be divided into parts. Only the Sticky Wild Multiplier slot is locked during the Torture Spin round.
Dead Spins

Nolimit City has also added a feature called Dead Spins, which activates when you land four Scatter symbols. Everything is the same as with the Torture Spins. The only differences are that you are rewarded with 10+ Dead Spins, and all the slots are unlocked, including the Sticky Wild Multiplier one, which starts multiplying the win combination payouts rather than only the Grit Girl values.  
Nolimit Bonus

You can buy Torture Spins and Dead Spins for 69x and 669x of your total bet. The guarantee is that if you acquire one of them, you will 100% get three or four Scatters on the next spin. Nolimit City also offers you to try your luck with the Lucky Draw feature for 169x of your initial bet, where you will get a reward of either a Torture Spin or a Dead Spin.

Strategy for True Grit Redemption

True Grit Redemption from Nolimit City is a very challenging video slot for true casino gaming enthusiasts. First of all, it is a high-volatility title, meaning that you will land winning combinations quite rarely, but their payout will be gigantic when you do. Our advice would be to keep your bets in the lowest possible range, somewhere from $0.2 to $1. With a 20,220x maximum potential payout, even $0.2 can be turned into a jaw-dropping $4,044. Secondly, do not buy any features because they are costly. Thirdly, playing the base game with all of the locked slots is not beneficial. Therefore, you must focus on landing three Scatter symbols in a row during the Avalanche. The pure reason is to unlock the bottom reel for unique symbols to land there and increase your payouts. Even better would be getting three or four Scatters simultaneously to get into the Torture Spin or Dead Spin games. And finally, the most helpful thing you can do to increase your profits is to focus on landing four Grit Girls, which will reward you with a minimum of 500x multiplier.  


If you want to spend all your day playing a video slot, then True Grit Redemption from Nolimit City at BC.GAME is the solution for you. There are so many features that it is impossible to get bored. You will always find something to be fascinated with, starting with the soundtrack, audio effects, and moody artwork and ending with outstanding and revolutionary gameplay.    

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