True Kult

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

5 x 3 to 6 x 3

Lucky Spin


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Stakes Range

$0.2 to $100

About this game

True Kult (Nolimit City): GAME Review & Theme

True Kult is a mysterious and spooky slot at BC.GAME that initiates its dark journey in a remote forest, where vibrant green grass is interrupted only by a specifically placed circle of stones. In each corner of the screen, devotees' legs ominously mark the ritualistic presence, while the slow rhythmic melody of electric guitar strings, mingled with distant bird chirping, sets an unsettling atmosphere. It's a sinister homage to the cult-like ambiance, making the players feel they're partaking in an unknown ancient rite as they spin the reels.

However, the game takes an even darker turn once you enter the free spins round. The gentle forest scene is replaced by a wooden plank floor scrawled with bloody cultish symbols and flanked by animal legs intended as sacrifices. The music shifts to male vocals and hard rock, compounded with scary, eerie sounds that resonate with the horrifying theme. The combination creates a spine-chilling experience that's both thrilling and terrifying, enticing players to delve deeper into the mysteries.

About True Kult at BC.GAME

True Kult from Nolimit City is a high-volatility online casino slot that's sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. The high volatility means that wins might not be frequent, but when they occur, they can be substantial.

The game features an adaptable 5 x 3 reel layout that can expand to 6 x 3 and even 6 x 6 by splitting all 18 symbols in two, enhancing the experience and providing more opportunities to win big. With the possibility of winning up to 23,237 times the stake, it's a game that promises heart-pounding excitement.

In terms of Return to Player (RTP), True Kult offers a 96.09% rate, which is considered average in comparison to other titles in the iGaming industry. The percentage gives players a snapshot of the potential payout over an extended gameplay period, suggesting that for every $100 wagered, they'll get back $96.09.

Pay Table and Bet Size

True Kult at BC.GAME offers players a versatile betting experience with a wide-ranging wagering size. Punters can place bets as low as $0.2, giving room for cautious play, and can go up to a hefty $100 for those who want to test their luck with bigger stakes.

True Kult's pay table introduces players to a series of symbols, starting with the five more common card rank icons. These icons reward players with payouts ranging from 0.1x for a trio of matching symbols to 2.5x for a full line of five. Venturing deeper into the cult's mysteries, players will encounter five high-value symbols depicting dedicated cult followers. This lineup includes a blindfolded woman, a young man clutching the cult's scriptures, an elderly woman donning a distinct hat, the devout cult priest, and the enigmatic cult leader. These symbols promise richer rewards, ranging from 2.75x to a compelling 5x the bet for a set of five matches.

Features of True Kult (Nolimit City)

In True Kult at BC.GAME, players are beckoned by a tapestry of intriguing features reminiscent of a dark cult universe. At the heart of the gameplay, the enigmatic skull-marked wilds and flame-inspired mystery symbols unravel unexpected twists and turns. Players are further drawn into the narrative with the magical blue card scatters, unlocking immersive free spin rounds—The Seance and Sacrifice. Furthermore, the transformative bonus symbols and potent multipliers add layers of depth and excitement. And completing the experience are the feature buy-in option and gamble feature, which present avenues for accelerated thrills.


Represented as a skull, the wild symbol can surface on any reel. However, its appearance is restricted to either The Seance or Sacrifice free spin rounds. The primary function of a wild symbol is quite straightforward: it takes the place of all other symbols except for scatters and bonus symbols and therefore assists in creating winning combinations.

Mystery Symbols

Mystery symbols, shown as flames, are seen on all reels. During the main game, they unveil a scatter symbol. But in The Seance or Sacrifice free spins, they disclose a random medium- or high-value devotee icon. Additionally, these symbols always appear in groups, guaranteeing multiple symbols on the reels at once. They enhance the probability of landing several matching symbols since every mystery symbol reveals the same kind of symbol.

Scatters and Locked Reels

Scatters, portrayed as magical blue cards, appear only on reels two through five. Securing two or more scatters will unlock the sixth reel, expanding the paylines from 243 to 729 and introducing more game features. Landing three scatters triggers The Seance free spins, while four ushers in the Sacrifice free spins. If a scatter shows up on the sixth reel during The Seance free spins, it prompts the Sacrifice free spins.

Bonus Symbols and Colossal Symbols

The bonus symbol, depicted as a devout cult follower, is exclusive to the sixth reel. It appears as a stacked pair: a colossal 1 x 2 symbol and a standard 1 x 1 symbol. Their presence can convert low-value card symbols on reels two through five into wilds, after which the bonus symbol becomes a random devotee icon.


Similar to bonus symbols, multipliers are found only on the sixth reel, and they assign a multiplier value from 5x to 99x to a devotee symbol. If unused, they are collected for future use. Unlike other games, True Kult's multipliers amplify only the winnings from the exact devotee symbol they're associated with.

The Seance Free Spins

In The Seance free spins, three moving frames are displayed. Any symbol landing within these frames splits in two. If a wild lands within the frame, an additional frame appears, granting an extra free spin. Potentially, 18 frames can emerge, converting all symbols into double symbols and modifying the reel layout from 6 x 3 to 6 x 6.

Sacrifice Free Spins

The Sacrifice free spins are akin to The Seance free spins but start with four frames. Another variance is the persistence of all multipliers throughout the round, whereas, in The Seance free spins, they transform into random devotee icons after a single use.

Feature Buy-in and Gamble Feature

Nolimit City offers multiple methods to activate various features and elevate your gameplay. For instance, tripling your stake per spin by activating the gamble feature enhances your odds of launching The Seance or Sacrifice free spins by four and six times, respectively.

Alternatively, the feature buy-in lets players directly initiate The Seance or Sacrifice free spins without any hassle for a fee of 68x and 400x, respectively. On the other hand, for a 234x fee, players can unpredictably access one of two free spin rounds with a 50/50 chance.


True Kult from Nolimit City plunges players into an eerily engaging world of cult-themed ambiance, ensuring an experience like no other. It's a journey through a mysterious realm where players get to encounter feature-rich gameplay that promises both thrills and rewards. The two distinct free spin rounds intensify the drama, while multipliers amplify the stakes. Locked reels pose an intriguing challenge yet cleverly balance the scales by opening doors to considerably larger wins. And the intriguing twist of symbol splitting ensures that every spin could unveil unexpected treasures.

Further enhancing the experience, True Kult introduces the feature buy-in option and gamble feature, granting players more autonomy in shaping their gameplay strategy. Such nuances not only elevate engagement levels but also endow players with a broader spectrum of choices, reinforcing the idea that this is a testament to player freedom. Overall, if there's a slot that deserves the title of "must-play," it's undeniably True Kult at BC.GAME.

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